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PowerSelect Compact Fluorescent Ballasts
Input VoltagePowerSelect ModelLamp WattageLamp TypeEnclosureLampsSpecificationsPrice
120Vac 50/60HzPS30B55T55WPLL/(TT5)Surface Mount1 or 2$46.75
277Vac 50/60HzPS30D55T55WPLL/(TT5)Surface Mount1 or 2$46.75
Universal Input
100Vac 50/60Hz
110Vac 50/60Hz
115Vac 50/60Hz
120Vac 50/60Hz
208Vac 50/60Hz
220Vac 50/60Hz
230Vac 50/60Hz
240Vac 50/60Hz
277Vac 50/60Hz
PS30U18H13/18WSBX, DBXSurface Mount1$41.78
PS30U62H26/32/42WSBX, DBX, TBXSurface Mount1$41.78
*PS30U92H32/36/39/42WDBX, TBX, PLL/(T55)Surface Mount1 
PS30U18L13/18WSBX, DBXSurface Mount1$41.78
PS30U62L26/32/42WDBX, TBXSurface Mount1$41.78
*PS30U92L32/36/39/42WDBX, TBX, PLL/(T55)Surface Mount1 
PS30U26/32/42M26/32/42WSBX, DBX, TBXSurface Mount1 or 2$46.75
PS30U36T36WPLL/(TT5)Surface Mount1 or 2$46.75
PS30U40T40WPLL/(TT5)Surface Mount1 or 2$46.75
347Vac 50/60HzPS30E62H26/32SBX, DBX, TBXSurface Mount1$41.78
*PS30U92H replaced with: PS30U62H
*PS30U92L replaced with: PS30U62L

[SBX] Single Biax = Duo-Tube Compact Fluorescent (13W) GX23 Base or (18W) 2G11 Base.
[DBX] Double Biax = Quad Tube Compact Fluorescent (13W) G24q-1 Base, (18W) G24q-2 Base or (26W) G24q-3 Base.
[TBX] Triple Biax = Triple Tube Compact Fluorescent , (18W) GX24q-2 Base, (26W) GX24q-3 Base, (32W) GX24q-3 Base or (42W) GX24q-4 Base.
[PLL/(TT5)] = Duo-Tube Compact Fluorescent (18W, 36W, 40W, 55W) 2G11 Base.